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Self-Publishing News: Publishers Weekly to Feature “Sleeping Indie Giants” As B&N Launches eBook Service

In the process of preparing to moderate a “getting published” panel this Friday for the North Shore Business Forum (www.nsbforum.org), two pieces of news stood out. My fellow panelists are two authors, Dyan deNapoli (http://www.thepenguinlady.com/new_site/dyans_book.html ) and Gloria Bakst (http://www.zoneperfectcookingmadeeasy.com ), whose books have been published the “traditional” way, through publishing houses like Simon & Schuster and McGraw-Hill. But these two announcements from Publishers Weekly and Barnes & Noble point to the continued growth and changing view of self-published books.

Publishers Weekly has announced that it will begin publishing a quarterly supplement that presents information about self-published books to its readership of agents, booksellers, publishers, distributors, librarians and media. PW President George Slowik said the idea is to find self-published “gems worthy of attention, the sleeping indie giants.” PW Select will feature announcements that include author, title, subtitle, price, pagination and format, ISBN, a brief description of content, and ordering information provided by the authors. To be listed, you’ll pay a $149 “processing fee” that also gets you a 6-month subscription to the digital version of PW.

PW expects to find at least 25 review-worthy works to highlight per quarterly issue. The first supplement will appear on December 21, bound into a regular issue of PW. In addition to a general overview of the self-published books received for review, the supplement will also include features about “the self-publishing world's explosive growth and the important players,” and interviews with selected self-published authors of the listed titles. The deadline for submitting self-published books for a listing in the first supplement is October 31. For particulars, see www.publishersweekly.com/pw/diy/index.html.

Meanwhile, bookseller Barnes & Noble has announced the details of its PubIt! service, which allows authors to self-publish in digital format. Upload your eBook to PubIt! to sell your content through the Barnes & Noble eBookstore and have it available for sale on BN.com, NOOK eBook Readers, and B&N’s free NOOK eReading software for iPad, iPhone/iPod touch, Android, PC, etc. This add to the roster of ebook self-publishing options offered by companies like Smashwords (www.smashwords.com) and Lulu (www.lulu.com), among others. If you’re not wedded to the idea of selling physical copies of your self-published book, consider checking out these options.

By themselves, these developments aren’t necessarily publishing game-changers. But they are indicators of a rapidly changing publishing environment that offers authors an ever-increasing number of options for getting their work to market. What do you think of these latest developments?

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